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WD Land understands that complex land transactions require the utmost professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.  A fundamental understanding of residential development and in-depth market knowledge provide our land advisors a valuable perspective on land transactions.  With decades of experience, we provide clients with valuable advice to make informed decisions about their land investments.  


The common language we speak with our clients is opportunity. Those opportunities can take a variety of shapes and, with our depth of knowledge, we guide our clients through all the complexities of entitling and developing many types of projects.




Innovative marketing strategies and the experience to know are cornerstones of how we formulate highly-effective solutions unique to our clients’ needs.  Our approach to identifying opportunities and offering actionable advice enables us to maintain long-term client relationships.  In addition to the experience gained by closing hundreds of land transactions, our market experts have technical expertise from land development, homebuilding, apartment development, civil engineering, architecture, banking and other related fields.




Our key man approach enables us to handle the most complex transactions and provide valuable counsel to investors, landowners, land developers and builders.  We invest the time and research it takes to develop a thorough understanding of each submarket area. With this in-depth knowledge, we are able to provide our clients with the information they need to command higher prices for properties and complete transactions more quickly and efficiently.




Every transaction is different and requires a highly-customized approach.  We create marketing programs using in-depth market knowledge to position the project that have proven to deliver results time and again.  Most importantly, we proactively engage buyers and match the right buyer with the right opportunity.




Buyers need to be informed about the status of the transaction at every step of the process. Our experienced team knows how to guide buyers through each process through clear and effective communication.  







  • Land Sale Marketing

  • Buyer Selection

  • Offer Review & Comparison

  • Purchase Contract Review

  • Deal Negotiation

  • Due Diligence Coordination

  • Short-term Escrow Managemernt

  • Long-term Escrow Management

  • Transaction Closing Coordination

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