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  • Redevelopment

WD Land has been at the forefront of infill development from for-sale residential and apartment communities to high-density mixed-use development.   Our infill specialists understand the increased marketability of well-located infill properties suitable for redevelopment into residential communities.  


The opportunity to redevelop underutilized properties is tremendous but that opportunity comes with unique challenges.  Fortunately, we understand how to navigate the physical, legal and political challenges that come with these transactions.  Our infill specialists have technical expertise from engineering and architecture to commercial investment sales and infill development.  This expertise and a proven track record of successful closings has earned us a reputation for being trusted advisors to many infill property owners and developers.


Many of these development opportunities began as underutilized properties from dilapidated retail centers and obsolete industrial buildings to low density apartments and mobile home parks.  In many cases, the local area has changed significantly and the demand for housing has far out-paced the value derived from commercial uses.  


We have the vision for what could be developed, the skills to determine the highest and best use and the experience to match the right project with the right builder.  Despite the inherent challenges, we simplify and expedite the development and disposition process to meet and exceed client expectations.  


Our exclusive focus on development properties allows our clients to rely on WD Land as the most dependable resource for market insight, transactional expertise and infill land sales.  

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